Month: April 2017

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How GPS Tracking Improves Fleet Fuel Efficiency

Learn how telematics and GPS fleet tracking systems provide information that helps fleet owners control costs and increase productivity. Telematics is a combination of the words telecommunications and informatics. Telematics, in a broad sense, is any integrated use of telecommunications with information and communications technology. It is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information relating to remote objects – like vehicles – via telecommunication devices.



Under the “telematics” umbrella is the integration of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and computers and mobile devices. The term “telematics” has even evolved to refer specifically to GPS vehicle tracking.

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Fleet telematics is a way of monitoring the location, movement, status and behavior of a vehicle within a fleet. This is achieved through a combination of a GPS receiver and an electronic GSM device that is installed in each vehicle, which then communicates with the user and web-based software. In addition to location data, a fleet telematics solution provides a list of vehicles showing the status of each. You can know when a vehicle starts and shuts down as well as idling status, location and speed. This information gives you complete, near up-to-the-minute knowledge of your fleet activities in one centralized, web-based interface.



There are very few telematics solutions that offer the right combination of the features you need to help achieve the maximum benefits of a GPS vehicle tracking solution. These features include usability, technology development and financial stability. The best GPS tracking solutions provide the information securely over the internet. As long as you know the login and password, you can access your solution from any internet-enabled computer or mobile device. The flexibility and 24/7 accessibility of a web-based solution makes it a great choice when deciding on a specific telematics provider.